Portrait-Sitting Ontology

The portrait-sitting ontology is a formal specification of the objects, concepts and relationships that make up knowledge about portrait sittings. It is the framework, according to which the data in the portrait-sitting database has been structured.

The terms in the ontology derive both from the 'top down' (i.e. from a pre-existing idea of what the portrait sitting is and what is important to know about it) and from the 'bottom up' (i.e. from information that appears in textual accounts of portrait sittings).1 The construction of the ontology is discussed in greater detail in the thesis and other work.

Click on a class in the ontology to view its definition, or click on any term to find out more about its use. You can also access the ontology via GitHub.

1 For 'top down' and 'bottom up' approaches to data modelling, see Flanders and Jannidis 2016, p 12-14.